The Art of Acai Bowls - Chicago Tribune Food Bowl

The Art of Acai Bowls - Chicago Tribune Food Bowl

Hi friends-

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to participate in the Art of Acai Bowls event with our amazing Chicago partner, Graze.

The event was hosted by the Chicago Tribune as part of their Food Bowl event series. 

Graze makes #damngood acai bowls (yep... that's their hashtag!)  We've had them + they are truly some of the most delicious, nutrient dense combos we've ever had!

Event guests learned how to make a thick acai bowl using the freshest ingredients with killer toppings (insert HITCHHIKE bars here :)  Graze owner, Mason, educated guests on the nutritional benefits to the superfood berry.  

Our bowl, pictured here, is topped to the max with all the goods!  (photo creds to our favorite Chicago foodie + wellness expert, Steph Dietz).

When in Chicago, pop by Graze (2 locations in the city) for a bowl... they'll put a HITCHHIKE bar on top if you ask them :)